Improving health made easy

Our voice analysis tools help you monitor and improve your health and wellbeing everyday 

Understanding your Health shouldn't be Hard

Improving your health and wellbeing starts with better understanding. Too often the focus is on symptoms instead of  addressing the cause. Information can be fragmented and  only gives  a limited view of your health. Interpretation is hard and time consuming.


Simple & effective

You should not have to be a data scientist to be able to work on your health. That’s why we focus on helping you with a new, super easy way to measure, track and improve your health, everyday.

Introducing Healfie-Voice

The first user-based health tracking system that looks at the whole person in a single way of measurement. Providing you with personal information about your current health status, whenever you want. Giving you the feedback you need to improve your health every day.


Fits in your life and transforms it

Imagine speaking into your mobile device for just 30 seconds and receiving the information you need to get a complete and integral picture of your health. How would your life change? 

3 simple steps to improve your health

1 - record your voice

Speak into your mobile device for 30 seconds to gather your voice data

2 - receive feedback

Get relevant actionable information when you need it

3 - improve your health

Make healthy decisions on a daily basis, be healthy and enjoy life